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Additive Plastics Group, Inc.

APG is a premier manufacturer of Color and Additives Concentrates and Specialty Compounds.

Our combined industry experience and unsurpassed creative, technical and manufacturing skills allow us to help you grow your business from a unique perspective. The perception of color is critical for brand identification and attracting new customers. This is were APG excels. Through the use of science, an understanding of your products goal and based on manufacturing requirements,  APG will ensure you choose the right materials in order to deliver the product your client desires.

What We Do


Our color design lab is experienced and dedicated to finding the most economical and efficient formula to satisfy all specifications within your scope.


By constantly searching and evaluating the best materials in the industry, we offer a variety of additives for all plastic applications.


Colors and/or additive enhancements to provide materials that meet a defined material specification.   These may include structural enhancements, building and fir code applications and many more....

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